Here you can read all about our previous exploits (mostly in Azeroth) imported from our old websites. If any of the old members have some of the missing screenshots please let me know so I can add them.

Have fun exploring our coloured past.

Wipus is preparing for Star Wars: The Old Republic

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:50 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 26 Jun 2012, 00:51 ]

With the release date around the corner, Wipus is preparing for the release of this highly anticipated game. A possible new website is being designed because the current host is very WoW centric and this likely won't change anytime soon. (don't worry, the forums won't change). 

In March we created the guild on and since then we've been steadily gathering members. The members of the LOTRO guild "Servants of the Istari" will join us on the empire side. At the moment we have 36 members of which most have pre-ordered the game as well. We are still accepting applications from people, so if you're interested feel free to go to Wipus on the Bioware page and apply!

Not too long ago the second phase of the Guild Headquarters programm on started in which we could gather allied guilds. We have been approached by the guild Supercool Cantina and we've accepted their Ally request. So we have gotten our first ally on the server!

As you can read, the preparations for this, hopefully, awesome game are in full swing and as soon as we have more to tell you we will.



Excursion into the Firelands

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:49 by Wipus Frequentus

Wipus is back from it's hiatus and has once again begun exploring new and exciting locations. Recently the entry into the firelands has been discovered and the Avengers of Hyal need our help to defeat Ragnaros on his home turf. 

Seeing we've bested Ragnarons once before in Molten Core they contacted us and requested our assistance. Unfortunately for  the Avengers we're pretty busy at the moment and we are unable to promise more than one incursion per week into the firelands.  Last week planned a scouting session and most of us felt right at home in the firelands. It looked just like the Molten Core, except for the lack of a ceiling. The molten giants lords immediately felt the result of this familiarity. The corehounds still aren't being looted. 

After working our way through groups of lesser enemies we found out that we were not unobserved, a horn sounded in the distance. We immediately left the middle field and worked our way round the edges. We encountered a big spider. After fighting her to a standstill we decided to regroup and come back next week.

One week later, yesterday, we once again entered the firelands. Clearing our way to the big spider again took hardly any time. Once there we quickly engaged her and withdrew a couple of times to test her defenses and tactics. When we felt comfortable we decided to engage her for real and she quickly fell to our combined might and prowess.

We regrouped and moved back to the center of the field and cleared some more mobs intending to gain the attention of the person blowing the horn. It didn't take long for us to be noticed and a flamewaker with two hounds moved towards us. Like last week, we engaged the new boss a couple of times and then called it for the night. 

We will return next week!

The Twilight Hammered

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:48 by Wipus Frequentus

Wipus Frequentus cleared it's first Cataclysm Raid on 6-2-11 by defeating Cho'gall.

Cho'gall eating floor.

Grats to all the people there, good job!

Happy 4th Birthday Wipers!

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:47 by Wipus Frequentus

Birthday cake

Wipus' First Week of Raiding

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:44 by Wipus Frequentus

A new year has dawned and another raiding season has started. Everyone took their time enjoying the newness of the expansion and levelled up at their own pace. After a couple of weeks doing heroics the raiding fever started to itch again. It had been a while since Wipus has raided for real and people started missing it. 

So after a practise run killing the new loot pinata in Baradin Hold and some tries on magmaw without reading up on it on sunday January 2nd we started raiding for real. 

Wednesday was our first scheduled raid and Wipus instantly proved it's worth. Magmaw went down on the first attempt of the evening. He got his head spiked and the wipers swarmed over him and went to town. As a "reward" he dropped a couple of mail items. Our only Shaman in the raid didn't complain and gracefully accepted the loot.


In true Wipus fashion we wiped a couple of times on the following trash pack. After a bit of ressing we were in front of the Omnitron Defense Council. As council fights go they were pushovers. The core of our wipers are still having nightmares from the Black Temple Council. Most of the fight was like any other council fight: Shared health, do not stand in stuff. There was one important added gimmick: STOP DPS. Blizzard is aware that assisting and nuking the correct target is hard, so they implemented an ability to force dps to switch. Yes, we wiped abit before we learned to stop dps ;) After a decent amount of tries though, they died and Wipus had cleared their second "real" boss of the expansion.



Since it was almost 11pm. we went to Baradin Hold and took a shot at the Pinata again. Free loot was ours once more.

Thursday we returned to Blackwing Descent and after having our tanks sacrifice themselves on trash, we stood in front of Maloriak. A weird looking creature with a big cauldron behind him greeted us. We made awesome progress and at the end of the evening our best attempt was a 1% wipe. We vowed to return on sunday and kill him. And that was exactly what happened. After figuring out we needed a bit more dps we had one of our healers spec dps and that did the trick, only 2 or 3 more wipes and Maloriak was down. 


The raid had one hour left to go and went to pay Stevie Wonder a courtesy visit. Some great attempts were had but none succeeded completely. We will return to him next reset and get to know him a bit better.

The result of our first full raid week was 3 first kills and another shot at the loot pinata. I can safely say that the first raid reset of the new year and the expansion was a success. Let's make sure we get more!

Wipus Frequentus Cataclysmic Group Excursions open for business

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:43 by Wipus Frequentus

Have you always wanted to explore the world, but never dared because of all the horror stories?

Alliance around every corner, earthquakes every couple of seconds and even rumours of a dragon raining down fire from above? Does this sound too scary?


Wipus Frequentus is offering you the chance of a lifetime. On November 24 at 20:00h we will give you the opportunity to finally explore the world like you have always dreamed of.

We'll visit sites like:
- the grave of Cairne 
- the submerged race track in Thousand Needles
- the reclaimed Echo Isles
- the redesigned gates of Stormwind
- and many many more!

Wipus Frequentus will have tanks and healers available for your protection*. You have never felt so safe!

We will gather in front of Orgrimmar at 20:00h. Feel free to join us and explore this stunning world we all live in!


* Wipus Frequentus can not be held responsible for the following accidents: Elemental invasion wounds, world upheaval related navigational failures (We promise not to let Strangepork navigate) or Deathwing related deaths.

Wipus says goodbye to Magtheridon

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:40 by Wipus Frequentus

After a long and pleasant stay on Magtheridon we will be transferring to Boulderfist using a FREE transfer (untill Nov 16th) 

You will need to add your characters again and verify them since they are now Boulderfist Chars

Quote from Strangepork:

For the people who couldn't join last nights discussion, here's everything in a nutshell: 

-After a two hour deliberation we decided to use the free character migration option 
-The Boulderfist server has been selected as our destination realm 
-Boulderfist is a PVP realm with a higher population and a more healthy Alliance to Horde ratio 
-If you want to join us on Boulderfist, please act now and start moving your characters, you have till the 16th. 

In addition, a couple of notes on the process of transfering: 

-Use the Free character transfer. If you log in on the account management site, it's the bottom right option. The top left option is for paid transfer only. 
-You can, unlike paid transfers, migrate level 1 characters as well. That means you can bring any banking alts along. You will still however not be able to take any personal guildbanks with you. 
-Creating a guild has been made more simple, you now only need four other people to sign. Offering some gold in /trade worked for me, I had my personal guild back within the hour. 
-I am not sure if there is a gold limit as I decided to play it save and distribute my gold among my characters. Perhaps someone else can answer this.

The transfer process seems to be somewhat buggy at times, here's a couple of hints: 

-Make absolutely sure your mailbox is empty 
-Make absolutely sure you do not have any auctions up 
-Transfer them one at a time. Select your first character, click transfer, type "confirm" in the box, click confirm, then wait. You can only do one of these sorts of transfer every couple of minutes. 
-The process sometimes bugs for no obvious reason. In that case you will need to cancel the transfer and try again. Some people have reported not seeing the cancel button. I had this myself as well, it seems to be not related to the browser you're using. Simply click logout, and log back in again and you will see the button. 

Wipus Frequentus Guild Meeting: Tonight!

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:35 by Wipus Frequentus

Since there is no consensus about the migration issue, we will have a guild meeting tonight at 20:00. I hope everyone (including socials) can make it. I know it's short notice, but if there's any possibility of you being there, please try to arrange it. Time: 20:00 Place: Ventrilo


posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:34 by Wipus Frequentus

Zorr secretly attending Blizzcon!!

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:33 by Wipus Frequentus

And you didnt tell us !!

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