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posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:17 by Wipus Frequentus
Wipus Frequentus looking for new corpse runners

Wipus Frequentus is built on a deceptively simple idea: We want to raid, and we want to have fun while doing it. Formed from a group that used to be in PPR before TBC came out, we're a group of friends and experienced players who try to enjoy the game in our own way. Progress without "hardcore" and people burning out.

We're looking for some more people to raid with us and hopefully call this guild "home". Some new friends that like to play the game, basically. Both in and out of raids. We're looking for someone who will be part of the community that is Wipus, not just someone that will log on for the raids and that's it.

Our current raiding situation is this: We've cleared MH to the point of being bored with it. Our current focus is killing Illidan, our best attempt at doing so brought him to 18%. Sunwell will follow once Illidan is down, so far we've only been in there to take a look and goof around.

What we do:

* 4 main raid nights a week. Wednesday, thursday, sunday, monday, 20:00-24:00 server time. Exceptions to this are rare. We want new members that will typically come for around 3 of these. * Off nights usually mean spontaneous 10 mans and such. No requirements or rules, but these are usually quite popular. * We wipe with a laugh. We don't make a habit or a point out of wiping and screwing up, but it happens and we're not the kind of people to be fussed about it. If you get angry after a wipe or you think it's "embarrassing" to wipe on encounter X, we're not the guild for you. * We do our best to take our friends along for the ride. Some members have kids, demanding jobs or other things that require exceptions to be made for them. We make those exceptions. * For tougher raids and beating new content, everyone in the raid will typically be provided with flasks. Sometimes repairs will also be paid for. No sense making raiding a job if we can avoid it.

What we do NOT do: * DKP penalties. They have never been used and never will be. We think they suck. * Tell you what you can and can not loot. We use a zero-sum DKP model and that rules all. If you have the DKP, you've earned your stuff. There are no class restrictions, role restrictions or other rules in any way. You want it, it's yours. This works because the people that are prone to lootwhoring and exploiting the system won't be long-lived in our guild. The same goes for people who can't accept this without whining. * Mute or restrict vent. We play for the company and the social bit, if you can't take people laughing and joking around during an encounter, this is not the guild for you. * Enforce consumeables. We use them and we pretty much expect you to use them, but we won't enforce you or scrutinize you about this. If you become a member of this guild, it's because we trust you to do bring your best stuff when it's needed. And most of the time when it is, flasks will be provided anyway. * Let Eupherisen make any important decisions. Ever.

What we want from you: * Your gear is good enough for the instances we're doing. That means T5/T6 level. It's also well chosen for the role you want the play and shows that you're dedicated and know the class (no slacking on enchants or paladins with spirit gems please). * You know how to play and how to handle yourself in a raid. We're not elitist, but we ARE looking for skilled players. * You want to raid, and you'll be doing it 3-4 times per week. But you also accept that since we don't require 100% attendance, we have more raiders than raid spots. Sometimes you and everyone else in the guild WILL have to sit out. * You value the social atmosphere over progress.

We are looking for:

1 Restoration Druid 2 Restorarion Shamans 1 Enhancement Shaman 1 Shadow Priest 2 Holy Paladins

Sound like you? PM Zorrander, Urza or Narcissa in-game, or just go to the forums and apply on the forums right away."