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The Twilight Destroyed: Bring on the Cataclysm!

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:24 by Wipus Frequentus

On September 29, Wipus Frequentus gathered for which was to be a crash course (literally) on what it means to be a Wiper. The target of this evenings gathering was Halion, the Twilight Destroyer.

At 20:10 the raiders were itching to go and were only waiting on one final piece of the well oiled machine that is a Wipus raid. The decision was to start clearing trash, because how hard could it be. The first pulls were fine, untill we got 2 packs. Wipus had proven their guildname once again. This act of confirming the guild identity would repeat itself a couple of more times during the rest of the evening.

Finally our Death Knight arrived and we were ready to exterminate the first of Halion's trusted allies. After at least one almost wipe (According to Wildstorm no one important died. This statement would come to haunt him the rest of the evening) the boss went down. After this fight it was stated that Coren Direbrew is a better choice if you want a meager frost badge. Clearing the other two mini bosses hardly took anytime. Wildstorm slacked though and was dead for most of these fights. The rest of the raid didn't mind, since no one important had died.

Finally the arena was empty and Halion deigned to appear before us. Since Wipus had never killed him he underestimated our ability and willingness to wipe. Our last attempt at the big bad Guy/Girl/IT was a couple of months ago. Since we sacrifised some of our members to the goal of world peace and the rest spent the whole summer trying to forget every little piece of knowledge of the fight by downing huge amounts of alcohol.

The first couple of attempts aren't worth writing down. One thing stood out though, the reason blizzard is nerfing paladin tanks. Ardent Defender is purely there to drag out the time it takes to wipe. A male blood elf dancing while this is playing out is just adding insult to injury.

We got the hang of the beams, the fires and the void stuff, except for one unimportant member. You guessed it: Wildstorm. He died early in the fight, in which was to be the kill. After we arrived in phase 3, we heard his voice from the grave telling us which of the two Halions we needed to attack. Coordinating our damaging efforts this way proved to be Halion's undoing.

Halion the Twilight Destroyer was destroyed.