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Wipus Frequentus Cataclysmic Group Excursions open for business

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:43 by Wipus Frequentus

Have you always wanted to explore the world, but never dared because of all the horror stories?

Alliance around every corner, earthquakes every couple of seconds and even rumours of a dragon raining down fire from above? Does this sound too scary?


Wipus Frequentus is offering you the chance of a lifetime. On November 24 at 20:00h we will give you the opportunity to finally explore the world like you have always dreamed of.

We'll visit sites like:
- the grave of Cairne 
- the submerged race track in Thousand Needles
- the reclaimed Echo Isles
- the redesigned gates of Stormwind
- and many many more!

Wipus Frequentus will have tanks and healers available for your protection*. You have never felt so safe!

We will gather in front of Orgrimmar at 20:00h. Feel free to join us and explore this stunning world we all live in!


* Wipus Frequentus can not be held responsible for the following accidents: Elemental invasion wounds, world upheaval related navigational failures (We promise not to let Strangepork navigate) or Deathwing related deaths.