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Wipus goes Old School Part 2: Al'ar doused

posted 25 Jun 2012, 23:44 by Wipus Frequentus

To get everyone back in the raiding game we had a guild meeting in Bloodhoof village last sunday. It had been some time since more then 40 members were online at the same time. After much duelling and talking we finally decided how to approach raiding for the coming period some alliance raid showed up in bloodhoof. We can safely say they didn't expect a 40+ l70 horde raid there. 


The day after we decided Al'ar had been reborn enough times and we should finally get around to making sure he will not bother us anymore on our way to lootreaver. Our first pull of the evening was of course a mess, how could we expect that to change. When some of us were done dying and we had resetted the trash, we tried again. Almost a flawless execution. The trash to Al'ar didn't give us anymore problems and we were soon in his room where he was happily flying around. 


The officers had discussed the tactic we were going to use beforehand. One of the plans was tying the female bloodelf paladin to the Tree (anduin) in the middle of the room as a virginal sacrifice. Seeing that we didn't have paladins again that plan failed :(. The lack of paladins gave us some encouragment though (See:Wipus Frequentus goes old school)


Our first attempt was promising: 64% phase 2. We worked out some errors in positioning and went for it again. The second try was better, but he was still beeing reborn everytime. A new plan was needed ! We started with deciding to kick the paladin out that had sneaked in at some point when we weren't paying attention.