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Wipus says goodbye to Magtheridon

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:40 by Wipus Frequentus
After a long and pleasant stay on Magtheridon we will be transferring to Boulderfist using a FREE transfer (untill Nov 16th) 

You will need to add your characters again and verify them since they are now Boulderfist Chars

Quote from Strangepork:

For the people who couldn't join last nights discussion, here's everything in a nutshell: 

-After a two hour deliberation we decided to use the free character migration option 
-The Boulderfist server has been selected as our destination realm 
-Boulderfist is a PVP realm with a higher population and a more healthy Alliance to Horde ratio 
-If you want to join us on Boulderfist, please act now and start moving your characters, you have till the 16th. 

In addition, a couple of notes on the process of transfering: 

-Use the Free character transfer. If you log in on the account management site, it's the bottom right option. The top left option is for paid transfer only. 
-You can, unlike paid transfers, migrate level 1 characters as well. That means you can bring any banking alts along. You will still however not be able to take any personal guildbanks with you. 
-Creating a guild has been made more simple, you now only need four other people to sign. Offering some gold in /trade worked for me, I had my personal guild back within the hour. 
-I am not sure if there is a gold limit as I decided to play it save and distribute my gold among my characters. Perhaps someone else can answer this.

The transfer process seems to be somewhat buggy at times, here's a couple of hints: 

-Make absolutely sure your mailbox is empty 
-Make absolutely sure you do not have any auctions up 
-Transfer them one at a time. Select your first character, click transfer, type "confirm" in the box, click confirm, then wait. You can only do one of these sorts of transfer every couple of minutes. 
-The process sometimes bugs for no obvious reason. In that case you will need to cancel the transfer and try again. Some people have reported not seeing the cancel button. I had this myself as well, it seems to be not related to the browser you're using. Simply click logout, and log back in again and you will see the button.