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Beta events and guild updates

posted 12 Jun 2012, 02:08 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 12 Jun 2012, 06:04 ]
The second Guild Wars 2 beta weekend has come and gone, and it was glorious. Our guild presence has grown as more of us have decided to preorder. The beta itself was improved compared to the previous weekend as well: less crashes, less login issues and more responsive combat, to name just a few improvements. Some videos and screenshots should be uploaded to the site this week. You can already check some movies on the youtube channel of one of our members: thegroove369


With the GW2 event still fresh in our minds, the next beta event is already clamoring for our attention. The Secret World just announced it's 3rd event for upcoming weekend. If you're interested, there are still free keys to the party available. An example where you can get one is the nvidia website.


The Secret World is an mmo in which some of our members expressed interest and which, as a result, we are closely following. Unfortunately there are still some issues with the game. let us hope they resolve those, because the setting is fairly interesting. As soon as the beta weekend starts we will make a post on what server you can join us in the investigation.


The guild members are also still enjoying diablo 3 and working towards the first guild inferno diablo kill. There always are a couple of guildies online to group up with.


With patch 1.3 and server transfers on the horizon for Swtor we are looking for some more active casual players to explore the galaxy with us.


A potential future game we are interested in is Planetside 2, the successor to one of the first true massive multiplayer games. We will have more updates and information about our plans for this game on the website soon.


If any of the above updates have wet your appetite and you are interested in knowing more, or you would like to join us in experiencing these games you are welcome to apply or come and say hi on the forums.

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