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SWTOR: Welcome to the people from "Eye of Ashlanae"

posted 12 Jun 2012, 07:13 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 13 Jun 2012, 23:10 ]

The character transfers for SWTOR have become available and the lucky people of the realm "Eye of Ashlanae " are granted the gift of joining our little corner in the galaxy.


If you have just transferred to "Red Eclipse" and you are looking for a nice casual guild and maybe some ranked pvp when it comes out, feel free to apply to Wipus Frequentus.

UPDATE: And of course also welcome to the people from Ludo Kressh and Goluud Corridor whose servers got added in the third round of transfers!

UPDATE 2: And a warm welcome to the people of Rogue Moon and Sluis Shipyards who were allowed to join our server in the fourth wave.

UPDATE 3: And even more people incoming, welcome people from: Dxun Battle Circle, Kellian Jarro, Flames of the Crucible and The Arkanian Legacy!

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