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The Secret World: Hell has been raised

posted 16 Jun 2012, 01:25 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 16 Jun 2012, 01:42 ]
The 3rd beta weekend for The secret world has gone live and we have till Monday June 18th, 7:00 GMT to explore. You can now finally explore all 3 factions (Dragon, Templars or the Illuminati) and see which one you like best. Kingsmouth is no longer the furthest you can go, they have added a new region for us to goof around in. The "Savage coast" apparently has some problems with gates of hell being opened and its up to us to take care of it in the dungeon known as "Hell Raised". There have also been some reports of some near ecological disaster, a supertanker has been wrecked and we can go investigate.

They have said that the gameplay (I hope they mean combat), performance and content all has been improved since the 2nd beta event. 

Not many guild members are sure about this title yet, so if you are trying out the beta, please let us know what your experiences are on the forums.

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