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WGN #16: Guild Wars 2 Lore and Blacklight Retribution, the game with an inbuild "Wallhack"

posted 8 Jul 2012, 01:17 by Wipus Frequentus
Welcome to the start of a new week of Wipus Gaming News articles. Today we have short news items concerning the following games: GW2, SWTOR, D3 and Blacklight: Retribution. Let's get to it.

Guild Wars 2 is a continuation of the story of Guild Wars 1, and as such it really has quite a history of lore and story to draw upon. In his latest video, WoodenPotatoes shows us some of the non-player characters from GW1 with whom the player interacted and it was through them that the story was told. If you're interested in the lore and background for GW2, this is a must see

Blizzard announced that on July 10th there will be maintenance for approximately 4 hours. Patch 1.0.3b is expected to be released during this maintenance.

Bioware posted their weekly community Q&A on their website, nothing particulare exciting except a tidbit that they might add less humanoid like species in the future.
Do you still have friends that would like to try out SWTOR? Well, from July 10 they will be able to play for free to l15. Why not have them try it out and join Wipus, the more the merrier. 

Riot games, the developers of League of Legends, released the Jayce patch on friday. We have already seen the patch preview but now the full patch notes are also available on their site. 

Recently the Free to play shooter Blacklight: Retribution was released. A couple of members have decided to give this a try since it became available on Steam. Unfortunately due to the resulting massive influx of people Perfect World (the developers) couldn't handle the account activation. They are hard at work at fixing it though, so if your account has issues, don't worry it will get solved.
TotalBiscuit has already made a "WTF is… " video explaining about and showing us the game. Yesterday he also redid the trailer for the game, why not have a look?

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