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WGN #20: Diablo 3 character profiles and the return of a classic!

posted 12 Jul 2012, 10:08 by Wipus Frequentus
Today we only have news regarding two games.


First let's start of with the Diablo 3. We all know and love the World of Warcraft armory, browsing characters, builds, gear and achievements. Today Blizzard shared with us that it won't be long before we can do the same for our Monks, Witch Doctors and Barbarians. They also let it slip that Diablo will probably be a auction house trader's wet dream in the future. Bashiok posted the following quote on the forums: "

A web-based and mobile Auction House interface for Diablo III is something we've said we think makes a lot of sense, but we've made no formal announcement of plans to implement one yet. " Combine this with the RMAH and you could easily earn some decent amount of cash from your mobile phone.


Today we also got an announcement that came out of the blue: EA is reviving the Ultima Online franchise! After a lot of attempts in the past to make a decent successor to what is known as the first real MMORPG (yes, we realise there was a game called Darksun Online before that, but most of the internet doesn't) it will finally happen. Ultima Online, known for it's player killers, skill system, sandbox environment, players being looted and it's housing system is still alive but wouldn't hurt to get an update. Bioware has been given the chance to finally develop a worthy follow-up to this game. Not much is known about the game just yet, except for the name: Ultima Forever, the fact that it will be free to play, it will contain the original two classes: fighter and mage and you will get your orders from Lady British. You can already sign up for the beta, you only need an origin account. Let's hope it doesn't take to long to develop. 

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