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WGN #21: Bows shooting rainbows and shopping for sales

posted 13 Jul 2012, 04:56 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 13 Jul 2012, 05:03 ]
ArenaNet held a livestream with 2 developers last night on twitch.tv. In this 20 minutes broadcast they talked about how  ArenaNet envisions end game. What it comes down to is that they want you to be able keep doing the activities you enjoyed while levelling. So no sudden gameplay changes but keep questing, exploring, doing dungeons etc.

They also gave a bit more information about the mystic forge. You can use it to craft legendary weapons, which according to them will be a massive undertaking. The weapons will primarily look cool and not give you a huge power boost. A rainbow shooting bow was one of them another one was a combination of two legendary greatsword for an even more awesome legendary sword.

New content will be coming out regular and often and because of the down scaling mechanic it makes even low level content of interest to max level players. All-in all it sounds good and we can't wait to finally play it for real.


Today the RMAH of Diablo 3 has finally gone fully live. You can now also buy and sell your ingame gold for real world money. Now we just need to see if people actually keep playing the game. Let's hope Blizzard takes care of the exodus soon.


After yesterday's news about Ultima Forever and the hint it was a successor to Ultima Online we may have some sad news. According to an interview from MMORPG.Com with the creative director Paul Barnett, it will not be a full fletched  MMO. Luckily it does look a lot like Bioware is turning it into a F2P Online Baldur's Gate like game, set in the world of Britannia. If Bioware goes back to it's roots and pulls it off this game, even though it will not be a real MMO, might just be awesome enough to entertain a lot of us!


Since we've switched our focus from one MMORPG to multiple games at the same time Wipus Frequentus has branched out nicely. To allow us to diversify even more, Valve is holding it's annual "Steam Summer Sales". This is the best place for a dedicated game to go shopping and browse for deals. This year they not only have daily deals, but also flash sales.  Flash sales are short term offers for only 4 games that switch multiple times per day. So keep an eye out of that one game you were still looking for.  In this forum thread we will try to keep you up-to-date with possible interesting sales. Steam summer sales, an awesome opportunity to buy cheap multi-player games for gaming with the guild. If you have a steam account why not join our steam community. Just click on the link to the left of this article and come game with us!

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