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WGN #28: Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments, Pandas, Zyra and Diana in League of Legends and beta Path of Exile

posted 26 Jul 2012, 13:54 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 26 Jul 2012, 13:55 ]
A new episode of the Wipus Gaming News. The show that gives you your daily fix of gaming news.

Today's topics are:
Guild Wars 2 - Platinum Collection
Guild Wars 2 - 4 Pillars of Gameplay
Guild Wars 2 - Telling stories
League of Legends - Zyra, Rise of Thorns
League of Legends - Diana, Scorn of the Moon
Minecraft - Release date 1.3
World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria
Planetside 2 - Trailer
Path of Exile - Open beta weekend

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