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WGN #9: Patches, patches and more patches

posted 26 Jun 2012, 10:45 by Wipus Frequentus
Good evening everyone, we apologise for the forum downtime and roll backs. We hope to have made up for it with the disclosure of the Wipus Frequentus news archives. But welcome back and let's move on to the news of the day and it seems to be all about patches:


SWTOR patch 1.3 is live and we immediately have 3 active instances of the imperial fleet on "The Red Eclipse". Let's hope the content is good enough to have people stay. Talking about patch 1.3 (and yes, when haven't we mentioned it these past days ;)) remember we mentioned the free recruit PVP gear? Well, if you already have the set or better you can also get 320k credits for it. This works for any character you level to 50!


Blizzard released information about their plans for Diablo 3 in the near future. First they released the patch notes for 1.0.3a which will be going live during the downtime tomorrow. Some of the more interesting fixes are:

  • Durability loss due to normal wear and tear will be reduced.
  • Zombie bears for the witch doctors got a pathing fix.
  • They also fixed a bug that was causing items with 3 sockets not to be linked
  • Unique monsters didn't drop the amount of loot they were supposed to.

They also announced the existence of patch 1.0.3b which should be releasing somewhere this week. This patch should increase the drop rate of items in (late) hell and inferno.


Finally don't forget that tomorrow is the GuildWars 2 stress test event.

If you want to be ready to play tomorrow as soon as you get home, why not start the patching tonight. Just start your already downloaded client and it will update. There are unfortunately no patch notes floating around just yet.

We are not sure if they will allow free server transfers like they do during the weekend events. In case they do: Wipus Frequentus is on the Vabbi server. Come join us!

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