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Wipus' first baby steps in WvWvW

posted 23 Jul 2012, 00:40 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 24 Jul 2012, 11:48 ]
It was a memorable evening on Saturday July the 21st. A delegation of the guild's most hardcore non-pvp'ers went and had a look at one of guild wars 2's major features: World versus World versus World.


After figuring out how to get there, and coming to the realization that we didn't have the ingame gold to train the ability to create a squad, we split in two groups. (We still think this was a plot by our opponents to make sure well get lost more often). We quickly came to the conclusion that it isn't the dying part that hurts but the running back (if you don't understand why we quickly came to this realization: see guild name). we got told that folks owning captured keeps are able to install wants for speedier recoveries. unfortunately for us none had that ability yet seeing how this was a fresh beta weekend, so run we did.


We quickly encountered what was to be our first battle. One of the other worlds was hiding behind a keep wall like it was their mother's skirt. Never one to shirk from overwhelming odds we crashed upon the walls like the tide ebbing away, totally ineffectual. This is what they call a learning moment. We learned that walls + defensive siege weapons = pain. A couple of minutes later we had all died and we could do the running part again.


We decided to go for the other side of the map. Our aim was a supply camp which was teasing it's by being the wrong color on the map. On the way over there we were able to successfully drive of an invading army that attempted to capture one of our defensive buildings. Heroically we pressed on and quickly got decimated in a tunnel that was used effectively by the enemy as a choke point. Regrouping once more, we finally went for the camp. After a quick skirmish we were able to capture it and start sending off caravans to resupply our buildings. It didn't last long, some 20 minutes later we had to admit defeat.


Once again we switched targets and off we went again. This time a "green" keep was our target. When we arrived there we found another world attacking the castle. We quickly crushed them between us and the keep walls and started to attacking the keep ourselves. Unfortunately we forgot that we wouldn't be immune to the same tactic and it didn't take the recently decimated world to attack us in the back and royally squash us.

Most of us decided to call it a night at this point. After 2.5 hours of World vs. World we can only conclude that we will have a load of fun when the game goes live and we will join the fray with the full might of the guild.


We recorded a big part of the evening and selected some of the more interesting parts for you to watch in the following youtube video. If you enjoyed this movie and would like to be a part of this, feel free to apply, we are still looking for more members.

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