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WGN #3: SWTOR Ranked Warzones activated on PTS.

posted 20 Jun 2012, 10:10 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 23 Jun 2012, 03:35 ]
Welcome to the Wipus Gaming News of Wednesday June 20th. As announced patch 1.0.3 went live on the European Diablo 3 servers today. Happy hunting for loot in inferno everyone.


There was a new developer post about ranked warzones on the SWTOR website. In that post they explain about some of the features surrounding ranked warzones. Two that stood out were:

  • Dual queueing, you can queue for ranked and unranked warzones at the same time.
  • Group persistence, you will not loose your group when you finish a warzone.


The ranked warzones have been activated on the Public Test Server and you can try them out. Bioware is specifically asking for people to test them:


We will not be pushing Team Ranked Warzones to the live game until we have significant PTS testing of the feature. Fortunately, those of you on the Public Test Server can now queue up for Team Ranked Warzones and test this feature out now. Be sure to submit any feedback to our PTS forum here.


So if you are interested in them, why not go and take a look. (You can find instructions on how to access the PTS here).


People that have been invited for previous beta events for the Secret World received an e-mail for the next event starting Friday the 22nd. In this beta they are opening up the PVP for the first time publicaly. If you haven't tried the game, but you would like to before it is released on the …. You can still sign up for this event.


This is the final Beta Weekend before launch on July 3rd and we are ending with a bang. Everyone who has ever registered for The Secret World beta will get access to this final Beta Weekend. This is also true for anyone who has not registered yet but still registers by Friday, June 22nd.


You can sign up at: http://thesecretworld.com/


That was it for today, we hope to see you all tomorrow for more news

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