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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria release date: 25-09-12

posted 25 Jul 2012, 13:05 by Wipus Frequentus
Today Blizzard announced the release date for their 4th expansion for World of Warcraft. On September 25th the mists will be parted and our characters will be allowed to set foot in the world of the Pandaran. The new expansion adds at least new areas, a new race, a new class and a new mini-game in which your mini-pets can battle each other. 

The pre-sale has started today as well, and like with other MMO's, you can now also buy a digital deluxe edition for the expansion. The digital deluxe edition will give you a couple of ingame items, spread across Blizzard's 3 major franchises: a flying mount and mini pet for WoW, a banner and sigil for in Diablo 3, and portraits for Starcraft 2. Of course there is also the normal physical collector's edition which adds an art book, mouse pad, behind the scene's dvd and a soundtrack. 

WoW is the game, which for a lot of us in Wipus was their first MMO and we look back fondly on it. Even if we're not planning on playing it right now, it will probably be a undeniable temptation for a lot of us.

Who knows, you might see us again in the world of Azeroth.

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