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Reddit GW2 Programmers AMAA

On October 17th ArenaNet programmers held an "Ask Me Almost Anything" on Reddit. There were some nice and juicy details in the AMAA but it can be a pain to browse through. One of our guildies was nice and formatted it for us for our convenience.

Enjoy reading what the programmers wanted to share with us.


Server Maintenance

Q: What kind of witchcraft you use that makes both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 not need hours and hours of downtime for server maintenance and game updates?

A: We have a system which lets us run the old build and the new build at the same time. So we don't need to take the old build down when there's a new one, we just also host the new build.

That's it, it's that simple in concept. But complicated to implement.

It also requires great care because our back-end servers must support the old and new build at the same time. Sometimes (not too often) we have to write code that only runs while both builds are live just to keep things compatible; then we remove it. As Cam hinted, it's something you have to architect in from the very beginning.

A: Do people on the "old build" still interact with people on the "new build" ? or are they segregated until they get on the same build?

Q: They are segregated, except for some things like party and guild chat.
The time [to countdown-kick] in the old build is dependent on the map type you are in; if you're in a dungeon and might lose a lot of progress you get more time; otherwise we encourage people to move forward to the next build...