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  • Onwards to Blackrock Foundry (and still looking for some new members)
    Our return to Draenor has been glorious; Wipus Frequentus turned a respectable 8 years old, Highmaul got cleared on normal and almost on heroic and we have raiding happening on both sides of the faction divide. 

    What can we expect in the near future? Blackrock foundry has opened up last week and both the alliance (Merged - Aggramar)  and horde (Wipus Frequentus - Magtheridon) guilds have killed the first few bosses. We are also expanding our presence in Heroes of the Storm as we have guild groups playing almost every nights. 

    We are still looking for players for both the alliance and horde guilds and extra people for Heroes of the Storm are also welcome. Why not apply?

    Here are some videos of our recent activities:

    Posted 11 Feb 2015, 06:11 by Wipus Frequentus
  • We're back home on Draenor, come join us!
    It's been a while since this frontpage has been updated, we have been busy though. After playing a lot other games, we are back at where it all began; World of Warcraft. Almost 8 years ago (on February 2nd) we formed Wipus Frequentus to conquer the exploded world of Draenor, and after a lot of getting sidetracked we've come home. In these past years we've met some awesome new people for whom Wipus also became a second home.

    The Youtube Channel WipusGaming has become more active as well and now contains even some bosskills from our previous experiences on Draenor. We'll be uploading regular videos of our exploits in WoW or any other game. Have a look, you might find something worth watching.

    One more thing is back to normal: Recruiting. As we're raiding again, we are also looking for more people to come and enjoy those boss kills with us. Our focus is to have a casual raid setting but with a drive to progress. We are looking for people to accompany us on our journey through the normal and heroic versions of the Warlords of Draenor. Wipus has two guilds from which we are raiding, a horde guild (Wipus Frequentus on Magtheridon EU) and an alliance guild (Merged on Aggrammar EU). Both are welcoming new players.

    Wipus Frequentus (Horde) is raiding on Sundays and Thursdays from 20:00 to 23:00 server time and Merged raids on Mondays from 20:00 - 23:00 server time. We are both looking for dps and Wipus is also looking for a healer.

    If you are interested feel free to apply on the site or just whisper some of the members on either faction.

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    Posted 12 Jan 2015, 07:17 by Wipus Frequentus
  • We are recruiting for Wildstar!
    Wipus Frequentus is recruiting for Wildstar. We are looking for active individuals and groups of players to join our community.

    Guild in brief...
    Play Style: PvE. PvP. Hard Modes. Casual (2-3 Nights).
    Social Groupings: Fun Gamers. Knowledgeable. Mature. Social. Experienced Gamers.
    Time Zone: EU

    Guild in detail...
    Wipus Frequentus is an online community, whose gaming is spread across a multitude of games and genres. However, while we may like to participate in a range of titles we do tend to be drawn together in MMOs for PvE and PvP activities as a guild/clan.
    Wipus as a guild has been going for over 8 years, but many of our members have been gaming together for longer, we have all types of gamer within Wipus, some players enjoy the more competitive ranked PvP elements of games while others enjoy grouping together to complete end game PvE content or to quest together while leveling new alts.
    Wipus considers itself a casual guild these days, one that still clears content, just not at the hardcore speed some of our members have played at in the past, so while we generally pride ourselves as good gamers our ethos is aimed towards having a fun, mature, and relaxed gaming environment to play games and socialize in, be that on vent or through the forums and of course in game.
    Currently we are eagerly awaiting the release of Wildstar and after its release I suspect we will be spending a lot of time there. Meanwhile we are playing other titles including, Neverwinter, GW2, Defiance and Loll. We also have an ongoing Terraria multiplayer server and recently we set up a Steam community.

    If you are interested in joining us, whatever game you are playing, just click here.

    We hope to see you soon in-game!

    Posted 15 May 2013, 23:57 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Congratulations are in order!
    We have a couple of guildies that we would like to congratulate with their accomplishments. 

    In the most recent World of Warcraft expansion "Mists of Pandaria" our guild members have valiantly defeated the first 2 raid bosses in the Mogu'shan Vaults. Unfortunately, since most of them are turning into old people (29 years and a couple of days at least) they forgot to take the obligatory pictures of the loot pinata's. 

    The second "group" of guild members we want to congratulate are two people that had the insanity to complete the "Mad King's Clock Tower" jumping puzzle that was available during the Halloween event in Guild Wars 2. Congratulations Drac and Rav on your accomplishment.
    They at least were sharp enough to take a picture :)

    Posted 1 Nov 2012, 10:18 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Update
    It's time to post another update on what the guild has been doing the last couple of weeks. 

    As you can see on the front page we have been actively playing Guild Wars 2. We have a decent sized guild in the game and we have a couple of dedicated guild nights in which we explore the different sides of the game, WvW, sPvP and PvE. Gunnar's Hold is still our base of operations and if you are looking for a place to call home, feel free to join us.

    The latest expansion of World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria, has been live for approximately 3 weeks and some of our members have returnd to the world of Azeroth to explore the new continent, new class, new heroics and of course WoW-Pokemon pet battles. We have migrated to the realm of Aggramar and joined the guild "Merged" since most of our members that went back to WoW came from them. (They joined us at the start of SWTOR). If you want to join us in WoW, just whisper a member of Merged and they can point you in the right direction.

    We hope to have another update soon for you, but if you want to know more, just visit our forums or contact us in-game.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Posted 16 Oct 2012, 00:44 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Wars 2: Group Questing Revisited
    In Star Wars: The Old Republic we had fun exploring and questing as a large group but we had some issues with the tagging of mobs, splitting up in groups etc. In Guild Wars 2 grouping isn't neccesary since everyone is working together, no tagging, kill stealing or ninja-ing that ore vein. This is why we decided to reintroduce the group questing and plan to do this once a week. 

    2 weeks ago was our first attempt and it was fun. The upscaling of the events because there were quite a few of us gave us some hillarious moments. Due to the wonders of modern technology (Fraps ;)) you can watch us have fun! 

    Come join us in next weeks fun and apply to Wipus, you won't regret it!

    Posted 17 Mar 2014, 09:46 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Wars 2: 2 new movies
    Hello again, we have to new movies for you to enjoy. 

    The first one is the second in our attempt to capture all the endzone bosses. This one is the well known Shadow Behemothin Queensdale. 

    The second movie is a crypt we found and just had to explore with a guild group. At the end of the trap filled crypt we had to slay an evil spider before we could grab our loot.

    If these movies seemed like fun, why not come and play Guild Wars 2 together with us. We are still looking for some more members to increase our ability to have fun in this game!

    Posted 17 Mar 2014, 09:49 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Wars 2: Sylvari Great Jungle Worm
    In a new series we will be showing you the full event chains leading up to the zone bosses. In this first episode we take a look at how the NPC Gamarien needs your help in fighting the evil in the Wychmire Swamp.


    Posted 17 Mar 2014, 09:50 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Wars 2 Head start has begun!
    The day has finally arrived, as of today the world of Tyria has been opened for us to explore and enjoy.

    Wipus Frequentus can be found on the homeworld of "Gunnar's Hold". Come and say hi!

    Posted 25 Aug 2012, 00:15 by Wipus Frequentus
  • New YouTube channel
    Due to some issues with our previous YouTube channel we have had to create a new one. You can now find us at: www.youtube.com/wipusgaming

    Our first movie has been uploaded and we will do our best to provide you with more regular and diverse content. In it you can see one of our members have some fun with an engineer in structured pvp in ArenaNet's upcoming game Guild Wars 2.

    Posted 17 Mar 2014, 09:52 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Breaking News: Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Free to Play this fall
    EA announced Star Wars: The Old Republic will be going Free to play this fall. We all saw it coming, but it is finally official. 

    You can read the official announcement at: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/press-release/20120731 

    The rewards for the current subscribers can be viewed at: http://www.swtor.com/free

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    Posted 31 Jul 2012, 14:18 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Wipus goes Beta: Path of Exiles
    In a, hopefully, new series we will be taking a look at upcoming multiplayer games to see if they might be interesting to play with the guild.

    Today's first episode is about the game Path of Exiles, a free to play action rpg, that had an open beta weekend last weekend. 

    Posted 17 Mar 2014, 09:51 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #29: Buffs and Nerfs for League of Legends and 2 MMO's to try out this weekend
    A new episode of the Wipus Gaming News. The show that gives you your daily fix of gaming news.

    Welcome to the daily episode of the Wipus Gaming news for the 30th of July, my name is Zorkesh and i will quickly guide you through the most recent news and interesting trivia about the games we like to play. 


    Today we will talk about Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, End of Nations and the Secret World.


    Riot Games released two posts the last couple of days that I would like to talk about. The firstone gives us some more information about their upcoming champion Diana. In the post they tell us that Diana has AOE and defensive abilities that make her an effective jungler. Her curved "Crescent Strike' is intended to allow for great skill shots. Let's hope Riot games is right and Diana will be a fun champion to play..


    The second post by Riot is a preview of their early august patch. In it they explain why they will be buffing or nerfing certain champions. Rumble, is doing too much damage after a fix to one of his abilities in the most recent patch, this buffed him too much so his damage will be reduced to bring him back in line. The changes to Urgot will be reverted as they changed his intended role too much. Finally Cho'gath is getting some casting time reduction buffs, plus some of his spell effects will scale with his increase in size. There will of course be more slight changes, but those can be viewed in the patch notes once the patch has been released.

    Reddit sometimes has great posts, an example of one of those is a post made by Theo95aa. If you were looking for a nice collection of usefull Guild Wars pages, you might want to take a look at it. He did all the work and even categorized the links to a multitude of sites and it is definitely worth a bookmark.

    End of Nations, a massively online real time strategy game,  has their next beta event starting this Friday. They are still allowing you to sign up for it. TotalBiscuit had a match with some of the developers recently and the game is looking to be really fun. If you haven't got plans for this weekend, why not give it a shot.

    The beta event for End of Nations isn't the only game clamoring for your attention this weekend. The Secret World has been live for a month now and to celebrate they are allowing everyone to play this weekend for free. From Friday till Monday you will be able to experience the game for yourself, check out the new content patch that gets released tomorrow and enter contests to win in-game prizes. If you were curious about this game, now is a perfect opportunity to take a look.

    This was the wipus gaming news for July 30th. We hope you enjoyed it and feel free to leave a comment below or on our forums. You can find them at www.wipus.net.


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    Posted 31 Jul 2012, 00:10 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Wars 2: Battle of Blue Lake - Part 3
    Part 3 has been released.

    If you haven't seen the previous two parts, here are the links:

    Posted 29 Jul 2012, 08:35 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Wars 2: More World versus World Gameplay - The Battle of Blue Lake part 1
    Thanks to Ravbek we have some more Guild Wars 2 footage incoming from the most recent Beta weekend. We will be releasing the videos one by one over the coming days. 

    Today we start with part 1 of 4 of what Ravbek calls "The Battle of Blue Lake".

    Enjoy everyone!

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    Posted 27 Jul 2012, 07:32 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #28: Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments, Pandas, Zyra and Diana in League of Legends and beta Path of Exile
    A new episode of the Wipus Gaming News. The show that gives you your daily fix of gaming news.

    Today's topics are:
    Guild Wars 2 - Platinum Collection
    Guild Wars 2 - 4 Pillars of Gameplay
    Guild Wars 2 - Telling stories
    League of Legends - Zyra, Rise of Thorns
    League of Legends - Diana, Scorn of the Moon
    Minecraft - Release date 1.3
    World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria
    Planetside 2 - Trailer
    Path of Exile - Open beta weekend

    If you have suggestions or comments, please leave on our forums.

    We are still looking for awesome people to join, feel free to apply or chat with us on the forums or in the comments.

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    Posted 26 Jul 2012, 13:55 by Wipus Frequentus
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria release date: 25-09-12
    Today Blizzard announced the release date for their 4th expansion for World of Warcraft. On September 25th the mists will be parted and our characters will be allowed to set foot in the world of the Pandaran. The new expansion adds at least new areas, a new race, a new class and a new mini-game in which your mini-pets can battle each other. 

    The pre-sale has started today as well, and like with other MMO's, you can now also buy a digital deluxe edition for the expansion. The digital deluxe edition will give you a couple of ingame items, spread across Blizzard's 3 major franchises: a flying mount and mini pet for WoW, a banner and sigil for in Diablo 3, and portraits for Starcraft 2. Of course there is also the normal physical collector's edition which adds an art book, mouse pad, behind the scene's dvd and a soundtrack. 

    WoW is the game, which for a lot of us in Wipus was their first MMO and we look back fondly on it. Even if we're not planning on playing it right now, it will probably be a undeniable temptation for a lot of us.

    Who knows, you might see us again in the world of Azeroth.

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    Posted 25 Jul 2012, 13:05 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Wars 2's World versus World with Wipus
    Some more footage from the first evening of Wipus Frequentus trying out World versus World in Guild Wars 2. 

    In this episode we get a crash course in how effective chokepoints can be. 


    Direct link (for the RSS readers): Wipus Frequentus and chokepoints

    PS. We're still recruiting, think you can show us how it's done? Apply here

    Posted 24 Jul 2012, 11:48 by Wipus Frequentus
  • More Guild Wars 2 Gameplay footage
    Thanks to Sadrilil, one of our members, we have some extra footage to show you.

    First we have some Asura ranger gameplay for you:

    The second video is one of the jumping puzzle. 

    Posted 24 Jul 2012, 04:55 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #27: Diablo 3 Arena's and Guild Wars 2 name reservations
    A new episode of the Wipus Gaming News. The show that gives you your daily fix of gaming news.


    Today's topics are:

    Minecraft - Releasedate 1.3

    Diablo 3 - Arena PVPinfo

    Guild Wars 2 - Namereservation

    League of Legends - Recruitment

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    Posted 23 Jul 2012, 11:32 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Wipus' first baby steps in WvWvW
    It was a memorable evening on Saturday July the 21st. A delegation of the guild's most hardcore non-pvp'ers went and had a look at one of guild wars 2's major features: World versus World versus World.


    After figuring out how to get there, and coming to the realization that we didn't have the ingame gold to train the ability to create a squad, we split in two groups. (We still think this was a plot by our opponents to make sure well get lost more often). We quickly came to the conclusion that it isn't the dying part that hurts but the running back (if you don't understand why we quickly came to this realization: see guild name). we got told that folks owning captured keeps are able to install wants for speedier recoveries. unfortunately for us none had that ability yet seeing how this was a fresh beta weekend, so run we did.


    We quickly encountered what was to be our first battle. One of the other worlds was hiding behind a keep wall like it was their mother's skirt. Never one to shirk from overwhelming odds we crashed upon the walls like the tide ebbing away, totally ineffectual. This is what they call a learning moment. We learned that walls + defensive siege weapons = pain. A couple of minutes later we had all died and we could do the running part again.


    We decided to go for the other side of the map. Our aim was a supply camp which was teasing it's by being the wrong color on the map. On the way over there we were able to successfully drive of an invading army that attempted to capture one of our defensive buildings. Heroically we pressed on and quickly got decimated in a tunnel that was used effectively by the enemy as a choke point. Regrouping once more, we finally went for the camp. After a quick skirmish we were able to capture it and start sending off caravans to resupply our buildings. It didn't last long, some 20 minutes later we had to admit defeat.


    Once again we switched targets and off we went again. This time a "green" keep was our target. When we arrived there we found another world attacking the castle. We quickly crushed them between us and the keep walls and started to attacking the keep ourselves. Unfortunately we forgot that we wouldn't be immune to the same tactic and it didn't take the recently decimated world to attack us in the back and royally squash us.

    Most of us decided to call it a night at this point. After 2.5 hours of World vs. World we can only conclude that we will have a load of fun when the game goes live and we will join the fray with the full might of the guild.


    We recorded a big part of the evening and selected some of the more interesting parts for you to watch in the following youtube video. If you enjoyed this movie and would like to be a part of this, feel free to apply, we are still looking for more members.

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    Posted 24 Jul 2012, 11:48 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #26: Diablo 3 characters 6 Hours to live and LoL champion cheat sheet
    A new episode of the Wipus Gaming News. The show that gives you your daily fix of gaming news.

    Today's topics are:
    League of Legends - quick reference 101 champions
    Guild Wars 2 - Screenshot contest 
    Guild Wars 2 - Armor previews 

    If you have suggestions or comments, please leave a message our forums or on our Youtube channel

    (And if you're still looking for a guild, feel free to apply. We're always looking for new members)

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    Posted 22 Jul 2012, 02:02 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Welcome to potential new guildies
    If you currently aren't a member of Wipus Frequentus you probably read our recruitment post on the Guild Wars 2 forums.
    Wipus Frequentus is a guild that has been around since February 2nd 2007 and we plan on being around for a good number of years more. Our attitude is casual and laid back but intent on experiencing all that a game has to offer. We have all kinds of members, pvp, pve, casual, exploration, shooters, card games. Of course we have all the usual features of a guild, forums, 40 slots ventrilo and an event calendar.
    Please have a look around and see if you would like to join us. If you do feel free to apply or whisper Zorkesh in-game in Guild Wars 2.
    Hope to see you soon in /g.
    GM of Wipus Frequentus
    Posted 20 Jul 2012, 12:48 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #25: Guild Wars 2 and End of Nations beta weekends
    Today is the day. Today the final beta event for Guild Wars 2 is happening, but more importantly it is also the day, for the  lucky few among us, of the End of Nations closed beta event. I kid of course ;)


    Today ArenaNet released the Asura cinematic and they also promised to release the Sylvari one today. We will of course be able to see it for ourselves ingame tonight anyway.


    They also gave us some important news regarding this beta. They reiterated that buying gems this beta will be for real money but that you will get the gems once more when the game goes live. Paypal now also is a payment option.


    World transfers will be free till tomorrow around 03:00 am July 22nd. After that time the transfers will cost gems. They also told us that the price of a transfer is dependant on the population level of a realm, with lower costs associated to lower populated realms. If it will stay like this for live, then they have an interesting extra mechanic in making sure the population spreads out over all servers. Here are the prices for this weekend.


    • 1800 gems to transfer to a high population world 
    • 1000 gems to transfer to a medium population world 
    • 500 gems to transfer to a low population world

     There also  was a smallish patch of about 50MB today again, so if you read this before the beta starts, just start your client and be ready to go for when the servers open.


    This is the Wipus Gaming News for today, we hope to see all of you soon in Tyria!


    If you want to join Wipus Frequentus we can be found on Vabbi. Just whisper any of us ingame and we'll sort you out. 

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    Posted 20 Jul 2012, 09:06 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Wars 2: Beta Weekend 3 countdown

    The beta weekend has passed unfortunately, no more reason for the countdown time ;)
    Posted 26 Jul 2012, 03:06 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #24: Mike Morhaine's letter and Level 80 and beyond
    A new episode of the Wipus Gaming News. The show that gives you your daily fix of gaming news.

    Today's topics are:
    League of Legends - Zyra art teaser

    If you have suggestions or comments, please leave a message below the video or on our forums. Feel free to check out our Youtube channel

    (And if you're still looking for a guild, feel free to apply. We're always looking for new members)

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    Posted 19 Jul 2012, 12:02 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #23: Polymock and lay-offs

    A new episode of the Wipus Gaming News. The show that gives you your daily fix of gaming news.


    Today's topics are:

    Star Wars: The Old Republic - More lay-offs in Austin

    Guild Wars 2 - Client patch, no free gems this beta, Sylvari gameplay and Polymock

    League of Legends - Twitch preview


    If you have suggestions or comments, please leave a message here or on our forums at http://www.wipus.net. You can also find the link to the source articles on our frontpage.


    (And if you're still looking for a guild, feel free to apply. We're always looking for new members)

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    Posted 18 Jul 2012, 10:43 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #22: First video edition
    A new episode of the Wipus Gaming News.

    The topics are:

    If you have suggestions or comments, please leave a message on Youtube or on our forums at http://www.wipus.net. . 

    (And if you're still looking for a guild, feel free to apply. We're always looking for new members)

    Posted 17 Jul 2012, 13:28 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Wipus Gaming News, Weekly Recap episode 2
    Another week has passed which means it is time for another weekly recap. So without further ado:

    Tags: Wipus Gaming News, SWTOR, Diablo 3, GuildWars 2, League of Legends, Blacklight: RetributionSteam Summer Sales, Planetside 2, Ultima Forever
    Posted 14 Jul 2012, 07:30 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #21: Bows shooting rainbows and shopping for sales
    ArenaNet held a livestream with 2 developers last night on twitch.tv. In this 20 minutes broadcast they talked about how  ArenaNet envisions end game. What it comes down to is that they want you to be able keep doing the activities you enjoyed while levelling. So no sudden gameplay changes but keep questing, exploring, doing dungeons etc.

    They also gave a bit more information about the mystic forge. You can use it to craft legendary weapons, which according to them will be a massive undertaking. The weapons will primarily look cool and not give you a huge power boost. A rainbow shooting bow was one of them another one was a combination of two legendary greatsword for an even more awesome legendary sword.

    New content will be coming out regular and often and because of the down scaling mechanic it makes even low level content of interest to max level players. All-in all it sounds good and we can't wait to finally play it for real.


    Today the RMAH of Diablo 3 has finally gone fully live. You can now also buy and sell your ingame gold for real world money. Now we just need to see if people actually keep playing the game. Let's hope Blizzard takes care of the exodus soon.


    After yesterday's news about Ultima Forever and the hint it was a successor to Ultima Online we may have some sad news. According to an interview from MMORPG.Com with the creative director Paul Barnett, it will not be a full fletched  MMO. Luckily it does look a lot like Bioware is turning it into a F2P Online Baldur's Gate like game, set in the world of Britannia. If Bioware goes back to it's roots and pulls it off this game, even though it will not be a real MMO, might just be awesome enough to entertain a lot of us!


    Since we've switched our focus from one MMORPG to multiple games at the same time Wipus Frequentus has branched out nicely. To allow us to diversify even more, Valve is holding it's annual "Steam Summer Sales". This is the best place for a dedicated game to go shopping and browse for deals. This year they not only have daily deals, but also flash sales.  Flash sales are short term offers for only 4 games that switch multiple times per day. So keep an eye out of that one game you were still looking for.  In this forum thread we will try to keep you up-to-date with possible interesting sales. Steam summer sales, an awesome opportunity to buy cheap multi-player games for gaming with the guild. If you have a steam account why not join our steam community. Just click on the link to the left of this article and come game with us!

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    Posted 13 Jul 2012, 05:03 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #20: Diablo 3 character profiles and the return of a classic!
    Today we only have news regarding two games.


    First let's start of with the Diablo 3. We all know and love the World of Warcraft armory, browsing characters, builds, gear and achievements. Today Blizzard shared with us that it won't be long before we can do the same for our Monks, Witch Doctors and Barbarians. They also let it slip that Diablo will probably be a auction house trader's wet dream in the future. Bashiok posted the following quote on the forums: "

    A web-based and mobile Auction House interface for Diablo III is something we've said we think makes a lot of sense, but we've made no formal announcement of plans to implement one yet. " Combine this with the RMAH and you could easily earn some decent amount of cash from your mobile phone.


    Today we also got an announcement that came out of the blue: EA is reviving the Ultima Online franchise! After a lot of attempts in the past to make a decent successor to what is known as the first real MMORPG (yes, we realise there was a game called Darksun Online before that, but most of the internet doesn't) it will finally happen. Ultima Online, known for it's player killers, skill system, sandbox environment, players being looted and it's housing system is still alive but wouldn't hurt to get an update. Bioware has been given the chance to finally develop a worthy follow-up to this game. Not much is known about the game just yet, except for the name: Ultima Forever, the fact that it will be free to play, it will contain the original two classes: fighter and mage and you will get your orders from Lady British. You can already sign up for the beta, you only need an origin account. Let's hope it doesn't take to long to develop. 

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    Posted 12 Jul 2012, 10:08 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #19: Leage of Legends most played PC game and Diablo 3 RMAH commodity auctions
    Today we have news about a couple of games, but also some new features for the Wipus community.


    As of today the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House is almost fully functional. With the release of patch 1.0.3b it is now possible to sell dyes, gems, tomes, plans, designs and crafting materials for euro's. 


    Bioware announced the prevention of creating characters on certain origin servers. They also informed us of the fact that any remaining characters  on those origin servers will be automatically transferred later this summer.  This basically comes town to server merges, except they don't call it that.


    League of Legends is a very popular game, except none of us could have imagined that it's the most played PC game in the world according to Xfire. In one year time more than 1.3 billion hours of gameplay were logged by Xfire, compare that to the "measly" 600 million by World of Warcraft. Even though this is not a 100% reliable measure it still is a significant accomplishment for Riot Games. On another note, today they also give us a sneak peak at a new champion called "Zyra". This is one thorny lady.


    If you've registered for the Planetside 2 beta, you will be pleased to know that it will start within the next month. Unfortunately they will give priority to active planetside 1 players. Maybe some of us will get lucky though.


    If you are enjoying reading these snippets of news on a daily basis, why not have a look at out Google+  page and join our circle so you know instantly when another article is available. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed and get your fix delivered instantly to your Feed Reader.

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    Posted 11 Jul 2012, 10:39 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #18: Pod racers and a gnomelike race
    And it's time again for a new episode of the WGN. Today we have news for you about SWTOR, D3, GW2 and Blacklight.


    Star Wars: The Old Republic had another small patch today.  The two most obvious additions in this patch are the free trial to level 15 and the refer a friend mount. As of today people can play the game for free till l15, so if you still have a friend that wants to give it a go (and join our guild of course) why not send him an invite. They will be able to play on the characters starting world and may also have the opportunity to go to the faction's capital world. Pvp and Flashpoints are also possible.  If your friend decides to subscribe you can earn even earn an nice pod-racer like mount. The refer-a-friend reward has the usual pre-requisites such as having the friend buy the game and subscribing for a minimum of one month game time.


    Tomorrow Diablo 3 will get it's underwhelming patch 1.0.3b. Only a couple of bugs will be fixed. The developers seem to be focussing mainly on patch 1.0.4, the balancing patch. We can only hope it comes soon.


    It was only yesterday that ArenaNet announced that the Sylvari and Asura will be playable during the next beta weekend. They also released some gameplay footage of the Asura race. GameSpot and ArenaNet show off the diminutive race in a 1 hour and 17 minutes long youtube video.


    Blacklight had a small patch as well. In this Reddit thread you can find the details. The patch contains some bug fixes, UI enhancements (easier ignore for one) and also has some balance changes. The balance changes consist of some nerfs to a couple of weapons. 

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    Posted 10 Jul 2012, 11:29 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #17: Free stuff edition for Blacklight: Retribution and Guild Wars 2
    Welcome to another episode of the Wipus Gaming News. Unfortunately there is not much news today, but we try to make up for it by giving you free stuff. Enjoy!


    Blacklight: Retribrution is a free to play game and as a result has a store for micro transactions. If you go to this link and enter the following code "98WRE68", you will receive a voice pack from the SeaNanners. Credits for this find go to Reddit.


    We can't keep talking about Guild Wars 2 but that's only because ArenaNet keeps giving us juicy information. Today they announced that the Sylvari and Asura will be playable in the final beta weekend from July 20-22. Their respective starting areas are also available. 

    If you are still undecided but want to give it a go, Curse is giving away 20.000 beta keys tomorrow from their site. Read this post for more information.

    We hope to see you tomorrow, for another episode of the WGN.

    Tags: Wipus Gaming News, Blacklight: Retribution, GuildWars 2

    Posted 9 Jul 2012, 10:17 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Guild Wars 2: Final Beta weekend keys
    Quick message for everyone that hasn't pre-purchased the game but wants to have a look what the fuss is about. Curse is handing out 20k keys starting from 9:00 AM CEST tomorrow (July 10th). Who knows, you might get lucky!

    Visit: http://www.curse.com/betas/guild-wars-2-eu to try and get one!

    Edit: Small correction, today they are handing out 5000 keys for premium members, tomorrow regular members will have their chance for one of the 20000 keys.

    Tags: GuildWars 2
    Posted 9 Jul 2012, 00:15 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #16: Guild Wars 2 Lore and Blacklight Retribution, the game with an inbuild "Wallhack"
    Welcome to the start of a new week of Wipus Gaming News articles. Today we have short news items concerning the following games: GW2, SWTOR, D3 and Blacklight: Retribution. Let's get to it.

    Guild Wars 2 is a continuation of the story of Guild Wars 1, and as such it really has quite a history of lore and story to draw upon. In his latest video, WoodenPotatoes shows us some of the non-player characters from GW1 with whom the player interacted and it was through them that the story was told. If you're interested in the lore and background for GW2, this is a must see

    Blizzard announced that on July 10th there will be maintenance for approximately 4 hours. Patch 1.0.3b is expected to be released during this maintenance.

    Bioware posted their weekly community Q&A on their website, nothing particulare exciting except a tidbit that they might add less humanoid like species in the future.
    Do you still have friends that would like to try out SWTOR? Well, from July 10 they will be able to play for free to l15. Why not have them try it out and join Wipus, the more the merrier. 

    Riot games, the developers of League of Legends, released the Jayce patch on friday. We have already seen the patch preview but now the full patch notes are also available on their site. 

    Recently the Free to play shooter Blacklight: Retribution was released. A couple of members have decided to give this a try since it became available on Steam. Unfortunately due to the resulting massive influx of people Perfect World (the developers) couldn't handle the account activation. They are hard at work at fixing it though, so if your account has issues, don't worry it will get solved.
    TotalBiscuit has already made a "WTF is… " video explaining about and showing us the game. Yesterday he also redid the trailer for the game, why not have a look?

    Tags: Wipus Gaming News, SWTOR, Diablo 3, GuildWars 2, Blacklight: RetributionLeague of Legends
    Posted 8 Jul 2012, 01:17 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Wipus Gaming News, Weekly Recap episode 1
    Since we don't always have time to read the latest news about our favourite games, Wipus will now provide you with a recap of last weeks news. In approximately 5 minutes we will get you quickly up to speed with what has happened last week. 

    We hope you enjoy this quick recap and if you have suggestions please let us know.

    Tags: Wipus Gaming News, SWTOR, Diablo 3, GuildWars 2, League of Legends, Minecraft
    Posted 14 Jul 2012, 07:30 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #15: Minecraft 1.3 release date and where do treasure goblins get their gold?

    It's weekend and to celebrate we have the following news for you.

    Minecraft 1.3 will release on August 1, 2012. They rewrote the single player version of the game to be a shell upon the multiplayer. This means no more fixing bugs twice giving them more time for actual gameplay additions. They have added some of those already, we'll just list a few:
    • Tripwire
    • User generated books
    • Trading with npc's
    • New terrain features
    • Lots of new blocks such as: new stairs, new half-slabs, cocoa plants and tweaked dispensers, leaves, cauldrons, levers, gravel, pressure plates, cookies, buckets, boats, minecarts, ice, furnaces

    This is just the short list, you can read the full changelog on reddit


    According to Diablofans.com patch 1.0.3b will be coming soon and it might even introduce RMAH commodity sales. They also put the sportlight on a gem crafting calculator letting you know how expensive it will be to craft a certain gem.  Did you ever wonder where the treasure goblins get their loot from? Wonder no more

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    Posted 6 Jul 2012, 07:03 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #14: Free SWTOR loot for being on the Red Eclipse and LoL champion Jayce has been unveiled
    In a move to entice people to take advantage of the free character transfers, Bioware is handing out rewards. You can earn an ingame pet and 25 blackhole commendations for each character that is on a destination server by July 31st and has an active subscription.  In our case, since we're already on the Red Eclipse we will get our rewards without having to do anything. The rewards will be sent to your ingame mailbox by  August 7.


    Every time a game is getting close to release the question rises: "can I use my beta client for live?". For Guild Wars 2 the answer is yes. According to a question answered on twitter we shouldn't get rid of our client just yet since we'll be using it for the third (and final) beta weekend and we'll be using it for the live version of the game. Why isn't it the 25th of August already?


    The abilities for the new champion in the League of Legends have been revealed. Jayce , the defender of tomorrow can change his weapon to a short range hammer or a long ranged cannon. Switching between the two is the trick to playing Jayce. Shifting your weapon also changes the rest of your abilities giving you lots and lots op options.

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    Posted 6 Jul 2012, 08:04 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #13: Put on your hiking boots and go explore in Guild Wars 2
    Welcome to another episode of the WGN.


    Blizzard admits that Diablo 3 has no viable long term endgame.  In a statement by Bashiok, a well known Blizzard poster, they explain that they expected the item hunt to be more sustainable as end-game. They do hope that with the fixes in 1.0.4 and the PvP arena content in 1.1 the longetivity will be improved somewhat.


    The Star Wars servers have gone down for some emergency maintenance to improve the server stability. No client side patch was released.


    If you thought that Guild Wars 2 didn't really want you to explore, think again. In a video released by DavidStephens18 we are being given proof that the amount of bonus xp increases the longer the mob has been alive. So killing mobs in heavily travelled zones will reduce your xp gain, while travelling to all the little nooks and crannies will increase your chances of getting more xp per mob. 

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    Posted 6 Jul 2012, 07:56 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #12: The Golden rules for Guild Wars 2 and LoL's Jayce patch
    Welcome to the next installment of the WGN, episode 12. We will take a quick look at D3, SWTOR, GW2 and LoL.


    We'll start with Diablo 3 today. Everyone probably knows there has been a hotfix to increase the droprate of rare items. You can read the exact percentages in this blue post. You can of course increase your chance to get drops by stacking magic find gear. Blizzard is afraid that this forces people to change into their "magic find gear set" just before the killing blow. This takes quite a bit of time, fills your bags and isn't fun, according to Blizzard. In a blog post they describe 5 possible solutions to this issue and ask for our feedback.


    There has been another small update to the SWTOR client. Today's patch has been mostly groupfinder related fixes and updates, but one other improvement stood out: "Implemented optimizations that improve performance in the Black Hole area on Corellia for many players.".


    ArenaNet published an article giving an insight to their development process and the rules they try to follow. In this publication they describe some of the design principles they use to craft the world of Tyria. It doesn't go into too much detail but it gives a glimpse of some of their thought processes.

    We all know that on August 25th the gates of Tyria open for people that pre-purchased the game. What time the gates will open exactly is still a mystery though. According to a redditor that asked the support team of ArenaNet the time hasn't been decided upon yet.


    Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, released a youtube video with a sneak peak at the changes coming in the near future. The next patch called Jayce, after a new to be released champion, will contain buffs for at least 3 heroes, Oriana, Nunu and Leblanc and will contain a nerf to global ultimates.

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    Posted 3 Jul 2012, 10:52 by Wipus Frequentus
  • The day has come: The Guild Wars 2 Release date has been announced

    Two days ago we finally received the news we all have been (im)patiently waiting for. August 28th is the day that Guild Wars 2 will be released.  For the people that prepurchased the game there will be a 3 day headstart.

    ArenaNet also informed us about the final beta weekend event, which will be held from July 20th till July 22nd.


    Together with this announcement they also released a new short trailer, have a look.


    As you can see from the countdown timers to your left, it means that in less than 2 months  we will finally get to play this game for real and we can start exploring the world of Tyria in all it's splendour.


    We're working on a Wipus Frequentus sub-website dedicated to Guild Wars 2 and all of the relevant gameplay and lore aspects. We are aiming to have daily GW2 news, guides, videos and Wipus' achievements of course. We could use some help with adding content to the site, so if you have some spare time and would like to help out, please contact Zorkesh.

    The goal is to have the site up and running just before the final beta weekend.

    Why isn't it the 25th yet? 

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    Posted 3 Jul 2012, 05:28 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #11: Keeping track of developers and more patches!
    Welcome to another installment of the (daily) gaming news, let's get to it.


    Want to keep up to date with twitter posts from your favourite mmo developers? There is no more reason not to, you don't even need a twitter account . At Devspy they have made an aggregate twitter feed from quite a few bigger mmo's. It even saves your selection. Why not have a look?


    Patch 1.0.3b has been delayed but they still intend to fix the droprates of items in act 3 and 4 in Inferno mode. A hotfix is supposed to take care of it. This hotfix will be applied during rolling restarts tomorrow. Happy farming this weekend!


    After some really unclear information from Bioware about a possible patch, they eventually decided to deploy it today afterall. The patch fixes 2 bugs related to the new group finder introduced this week. It also fixed a bug in pvp concerning knock backs.


    And last but definitely not least: Guild Wars 2 has a release date! On August 28th the game goes live. Only two months of longing left! (a separate post will be created later today with all the relevant info)

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    Posted 28 Jun 2012, 08:59 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #10: GW2 Stress test and Diablo 3 in close up
    Just a quick update today since the Guild Wars 2 stress test has started and a dragon is killing stuff at the moment. Hopefully we'll have some screenshots tomorrow for you.


    Diablo 3 patch 1.0.3a has gone live today and with it reduced item wear and tear. Also there is a nice new Youtube video made by a player showing all the little things happening in the background. It's enjoyable to watch.


    SWTOR will be having unscheduled maintenance on Thursday from 9 AM CEST untill 1 PM CEST. No patchnotes are available.

    Update: The SWTOR maintenance has been postponed

    Update 2: The SWTOR maintenance has been un-postponed. The new window is 9AM CEST - 3PM CEST

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  • WGN #9: Patches, patches and more patches
    Good evening everyone, we apologise for the forum downtime and roll backs. We hope to have made up for it with the disclosure of the Wipus Frequentus news archives. But welcome back and let's move on to the news of the day and it seems to be all about patches:


    SWTOR patch 1.3 is live and we immediately have 3 active instances of the imperial fleet on "The Red Eclipse". Let's hope the content is good enough to have people stay. Talking about patch 1.3 (and yes, when haven't we mentioned it these past days ;)) remember we mentioned the free recruit PVP gear? Well, if you already have the set or better you can also get 320k credits for it. This works for any character you level to 50!


    Blizzard released information about their plans for Diablo 3 in the near future. First they released the patch notes for 1.0.3a which will be going live during the downtime tomorrow. Some of the more interesting fixes are:

    • Durability loss due to normal wear and tear will be reduced.
    • Zombie bears for the witch doctors got a pathing fix.
    • They also fixed a bug that was causing items with 3 sockets not to be linked
    • Unique monsters didn't drop the amount of loot they were supposed to.

    They also announced the existence of patch 1.0.3b which should be releasing somewhere this week. This patch should increase the drop rate of items in (late) hell and inferno.


    Finally don't forget that tomorrow is the GuildWars 2 stress test event.

    If you want to be ready to play tomorrow as soon as you get home, why not start the patching tonight. Just start your already downloaded client and it will update. There are unfortunately no patch notes floating around just yet.

    We are not sure if they will allow free server transfers like they do during the weekend events. In case they do: Wipus Frequentus is on the Vabbi server. Come join us!

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    Posted 26 Jun 2012, 10:45 by Wipus Frequentus
  • Wipus Archives
    Wipus Frequentus wasn't formed recently, although our history of website articles might give a different impression. We have recently retrieved some of our history and uploaded them to the Archives on this site. Unfortunately some of the links to the pictures aren't working anymore and we will try to retrieve the images and adjust the links.

    For now we wish you fun reading and getting to know the history of the guild

    Posted 26 Jun 2012, 01:40 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #8: Why to love the Guildwars 2 guild system
    Welcome to the second week of the Wipus Gaming News. In todays article we will lightly brush upon the following games: GW2, SWTOR and Diablo 3


    An article on Guildwars2junkies.com  lists their top 5 reasons why the guild system in GW2 is to be loved and cherished. Not all of the reasons they give are new or unknown, but combined they do show why this is a fresh breath in a somewhat stale Guild system landscape.


    It probably doesn't need mentioning that SWTOR patch 1.3 will be released tomorrow. In another article we will list most of the major features of the patch for easy reference. We do want to point all of you in the direction of this post on Dulfy.net. Renown SWTOR reddit poster Dulfy gives some nice tips to prepare for 1.3.


    If you use the Google Chrome web browser and you're a die-hard Diablo 3 fan you might want to have a look at the Diablo 3 Toolbox - Chrome extension. In this thread the creator Impala explains in detail what you can do with it. A couple of the features are: show the game login message, Blizzard CS tweets and server status.


    Enjoy your evening and we'll see each other on the other side of patch 1.3!

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    Posted 25 Jun 2012, 10:33 by Wipus Frequentus
  • SWTOR: Patch 1.3 and what does it entail
    Patch 1.3 has been some time in coming but tomorrow it will finally arrive. Bioware has, over time, released quite a bit of information regarding the contents and features of it. We will try to list the most important and exciting features and point you in the right direction if you want to read more about it.

    Let's start with the content that a lot of people have been waiting for: Ranked Warzones. Yes, you read that correctly, if nothing goes wrong tonight ranked warzones will finally be available for your consumption. Ranked warzones give you the opportunity to pit yourself and seven others against another premade team of 8 (solo queuing isn't possible just yet). You will be able to queue for ranked and unranked warzones at the same time and your group will not be disbanded after finishing a warzone. More information about ranked warzones and how the rating works can be found in this developer blog.

    Players have been asking for a dungeon finder like system since release and Bioware has delivered one. The Group Finder quickly matches you with players on your server to quickly allow you to do heroic quests, flashpoints and even story mode operations. The tool has the usual role selection and reward for completing a daily random flashpoint.You will be teleported to the destination flashpoint or operation when a group forms, cutting back on the travel time hugely. The relevant developer post can be found here.

    The crafting system gets another round of refinement with the addition of augment kits and adaptive gear. Have you been looking forward to the moment you could use that slave girl outfit for operations and dungeons and just be as effective as the witch doctor look-a-like in your group? You need wait no longer! Adaptive gear will cause the item in question to behave as if it's the best armor type your character class can wear. The augment kits will allow you to add augment slots to already created items, including social gear. There are some more changes regarding items, you can read them for yourself in the following post.

    Not only the crafting system gets refined but the legacy system gets some polish and additions as well. They introduce character specific perks you can buy for ingame credits. This blog post is quite recent and I will point you to our recent coverage of it for more information.

    No round of patching would be complete without balancing and class changes. In 1.3 they are changing some of the threat modifiers and mechanics for tanks. Tank AOE attacks should now ignore cc-ed mobs and this coupled with the threat modifier increase should make tanking groups a lot easier. Gunslingers/Snipers now have a new 31 point talent which should give them better on-demand damage. Commandos and mercenaries will receive some quality of life improvements which will cause their resource management to feel less of a punishment. The full details can be found on swtor.com

    All these changes look good on paper, let's hope after tomorrow we can conclude that they also perform well in-game!

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    Posted 25 Jun 2012, 10:32 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WGN #7: Diablo 3 tidbits and the world of Tyria
    Apparently developers are not working on a sunday, this is why we only have a couple of quick links for you today.

    Blizzard announced patch 1.0.3a for diablo 3 which is intended to fix some critical issues before patch 1.0.4. If you are running around in inferno at the moment and you are looking for the best items, you might be able to use this handy page. It has a list of all the maximum stat values per item type. It will allow you to plan your gear set to go for that inferno diablo kill.   Someone else  made a map of the diablo 3 zones and how they are linked. This might be helpful if you are hunting for certain random events since they are included in the map.


    We've seen one example of why people think the GuildWars 2 world Tyria is great looking, today we have another. CareEmm, a Youtube user has posted a new video in which he points some of the little things that make Tyria an immersive experience. If you have some spare time you should take a look at the rest of the videos he's uploaded, you'll probably appreciate the game and graphics more because of it.


    And a special link for Wildstorm, enjoy!

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    Posted 24 Jun 2012, 10:16 by Wipus Frequentus
  • WNG #6: SWTOR Patch 1.3 going live including Ranked Warzones
    Let's get the big news out of the way since the title probably gave it away. 

    Bioware announced they will be releasing patch 1.3 including the much anticipated "Ranked Warzones" this Tuesday (June 26th). It has taken a while but in only a couple of days we can finally enjoy all the new stuff contained in 1.3. To make sure we are adequately excited for this release they also released another developer blog, this time about legacy perks. Legacy perks are character bound, as opposed to the the previous legacy unlocks that were legacy wide. There are a couple of different types of perks you can get:

    • Advancement perks: You can gain perks that increase your XP gain for your favourite in game activity.
    • Travel perks: These includes ways to speed up your travels across the galaxy, for example reducing the level required for a piloting skill, but also new quick travel options.
    • Companion Perks: With this group of perks you can influence the affection gain rate with your companions but also increase their critical success chance while crafting.
    • Convenience Perks: You can't go without these, summon able repair droids, summon able mail boxes  and of course a summon able skill reset trainer!

    When you add this to all the previously explained features of 1.3 it makes for an substantial improvement to content and game mechanics. Coupled with the Server transfers we can only hope this entices people back to the game.

    Update: You will get a full set of l50 PVP recruit gear from the mission terminal for free.


    Blizzard has officially declared that they agree with the drop rates of high ilevel gear in acts 3 and 4 on inferno. For now stick with farming acts 1 and 2. There were also quite a few questions answered by blue posters on the forums. One of the interesting answers is that they are planning on tuning a lot of skills in patch 1.0.4, a future developer blog will explain and preview them.


    A post BWE2 interview was held by RPGamer with two of the ArenaNet developers. In this interview they talk about the things they picked up from the second beta weekend. There aren't too many questions but one that stood out is the fact that they will be working on balancing melee vs. ranged combat across the entire game.


    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy gaming.



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    Posted 23 Jun 2012, 04:55 by Wipus Frequentus
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